Southern Machinery Repair

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Established in 1982, we have grown to be the most dependable and respected repair organization in the mid-south. With years of experience in the repair, rebuild and maintenance of metal stamping and forming equipment, we feel that our modern facility and fully qualified technicians can offer your company a wide variety of services with a minimum amount of down time.
We specialize in the rebuilding and repair of presses, press brakes, shears, and forging equipment. Our modern 68.000 sq. ft. facility is designed to offer a variety of services.



This modern facility is equipped to handle complete rebuilds and associated repairs. System upgrades such as electrical controls, lube systems, and variable speed drives can be done in conjunction with rebuilds or as separate projects. Features such as shut heights memory and counterbalance / cushion controls can be installed to assist in reducing set up time and tooling damage. In addition to upgrading and integrating associated systems, Southern Machinery Repair, Inc. also offers clutch conversion, shut height and stroke changes, hydraulic tie rod nuts and much more.

Southern Machinery Repair, Inc. road crews are designed to act as an extension of your maintenance department and stand ready to provide 24 hour service on projects ranging from clutch rebuilds and inspections to plant relocations. All projects are supported by a fully qualified engineering staff consisting of electrical and mechanical engineers.

Southern Machinery Repair, Inc.
1545 Airport Circle
Union City, TN 38261

Phone: (731) 885-8052

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